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All Your Data.

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Shooju is your data management provider.
Served as a cloud-hosted market data platform.
Delivered as a service. Agile for data.

Why Shooju

Shooju delivers a data platform as a service. All your data in one place. We go from Big Data to Small Data as

we grant you access to YOUR unique data with a lot of value-added on it.

agile development

Agile development

Bespoke approach to  data management

Bespoke approach to

data management

Obsessive support

Obsessive support

Flexible input and

output of data

Flexible input and  output of data
Setup and payment  done incrementally

Setup and payment

done incrementally

Constant quick wins

Constant quick wins

No bureaucracy, no friction

No bureaucracy,
no friction

Data Platform for Everyone

Shooju boosts the data usage for everybody involved with the data flows. Explore how Shooju can add value

to you and your teams.

Data scientists

Data Scientists

Your mandate is to manage your organization's analytical data, improve internal data flows, and build better data-driven applications - faster.



Your vision is that analytical data will give you an edge over your competitors, but you're not sure how.



Your use of internal and external data is centered on making better decisions.



Your job is to identify the pains in data management and to leave a robust solution as your legacy for your customer.


Start Managing Your Data with Shooju

Data Platform as a Service

Shooju is a data management provider, delivered as a platform as a service. We make data teams more agile! We consolidate the data that you already subscribe to, public data that you want to use, and data that you produce internally into your own platform. We work with companies of all sizes to not only consolidate their data but streamline internal workflows and improve data management processes. Independent technical modules include: market data ingestion using customer-defined naming and metadata, unified data discovery and charting, custom business logic including QA and analytics, seamless customer data integration without leaving on-premise databases, and thoroughly benchmarked industry-leading data retrieval into 20+ tools.


Data collection automatically from scattered sources


Processors’ unique set up


You name it! We support all sources

and formats


Data storage in one single platform


Cloud-hosted market data platform



Data usage through own dashboard and/or interfaces


Business Intelligence annex tools


Shooju views, C#, Python, Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Matlab, R, MicroStrategy, Javascript…



universal search

Shooju organizes all analytical data in one Lucene-indexed repository that is searchable from one Search API. This makes possible sophisticated queries than span all data sources.

Universal search
Unified API
unified api

Shooju uses one Unified API for everything. Developers then use our API to build completely new business-specific applications and dashboards or integrate Shooju data into existing processes.

Native tool integration

Our goal is to make linking to Shooju seamless in any analyst tool. We support Excel through a native C# Add-In, Tableau and MicroStrategy through a native ODBC connector, Python through a native package, and many others.

native tool integration
continuous backup

Shooju retains all revisions to all data, whether internal or external. Current data and historical revisions are replicated across the cluster in real-time and shipped off-site on a daily basis.

Continuous backup
Usage analytics
usage analytics

Shooju tracks Usage Analytics for all internal use by analysts, including software used, location of file in which the data was used, time, and other meta-data. Managers use the analytics data to understand reliance on data sources and models, and analysts use it to understand which data is most popular among colleagues.


SJVirt is a proxy and virtualization application for Shooju. It is deployed as a Docker container. It allows series points to be retrieved in the proxy app, thereby acting as a virtualization layer



Shooju leverages and increases the ROI on your existing analytical and BI toolset.

Power BI

Our company

Our partners

We help our customers to do really amazing stuff with data. We see ourselves as the most user-friendly data service provider that agilizes data flows. Our global team is obsessed with making everybody's life easier, more efficient, and more productive. We are present in more than 7 different countries, with use cases ranging from healthcare to nuclear energy. Ranked as one of the top 10 Big Data startups in Brazil of 2020.

  • We are at Cubo Itaú, the biggest and most prestigious startup tech center in Latin America

  • We are at AgTech Garage, one of the most promising agribusiness hub in the world

in the media


Start Managing Your Data with Shooju

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