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For Traders

The Shooju platform supports traders' unique mix of analytical tools, methods, and data sources. True data advantage can only come from a custom platform.

Your data sources

Experienced traders know the market is not transparent and those with the right non-mainstream data sources stand to benefit.
The issue is as soon as the big market data providers start distributing a data set, it quickly becomes mainstream and any competitive advantage from having used it is lost. At the same time, accessing data sources that are not covered by the big data providers is prohibitively time-consuming. Shooju gives traders simple and immediate access to any external or internal data source, giving them an edge over others, as well as providing their own unique data resulted from a cross of various sources.

Your data tools

Traders are often locked in to specific data vendor software even though their trading strategy would benefit from a different tool.
Shooju allows any data to be used in any tool, from Excel to R to Python. If off-the-shelf tools are not enough, trader dashboards and modeling packages can be quickly built on using the Shooju API.

Listen to your analysts (or other analysts)

Traders who are supported by analysts struggle to integrate their analysts' perspective into their data flows.
The analysts' output changes too frequently, is too voluminous, or is just irrelevant to the trader. Shooju solves all three problems by making it just as easy to link to internal sources as external and by letting the trader pick apart the analyst output to get just the relevant data. Shooju does this while maintaining data flexibility, allowing you to easily switch from an internal analyst to data provided by an external consultant.
Shooju streamlines workflows in any analytical tool through native plugins. This eases the burden on IT of having to support proliferating analytical tools (R, Python, Tableau, etc) and makes data workflows more resilient and sustainable.

Data Platform for Everyone

Shooju boosts the data usage for everybody involved with the data flows. Explore how Shooju can add value

to you and your teams.

data scientists

Data Scientists

Your mandate is to manage your organization's analytical data, improve internal data flows, and build better data-driven applications - faster.



Your vision is that analytical data will give you an edge over your competitors, but you're not sure how.



Your job is to identify the pains in data management and to leave a robust solution as your legacy for your customer.


Start Managing Your Data with Shooju

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