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For Managers

Popular technologies come full with features that promise to revolutionize your analytical team. Instead of focusing on features, at Shooju we offer an approach that values productive analysts and sustainable and transparent data flows.

More productive, more accurate, and happier analysts

Highly trained analysts spend too large a portion of their time data wrangling instead of doing higher value-added analysis.

Shooju automates the monotonous and error-prone data wrangling that adds minimal value. Analysts in turn enjoy their job more and have more time to do real analysis.

Improve business continuity

Busy IT departments and complex data flow force analysts to find band-aid solutions that add tremendous complexity and threaten business continuity.

The arsenal of creative analysts includes unsustainable and untraceable Excel macros, Access databases, and scripts that disappear when authors switch jobs. As a result, new hires take months to catch up and even experienced analysts find it hard to fill in for sick colleagues. Shooju improves business continuity by offering analysts simple-to-use and transparent solutions rather than forcing them to invent (or reinvent) complex data flows from scratch.

Add transparency to your team's data flows

Even experienced analysts can spend days auditing a single data flow, and often fail to reach critical conclusions.

Which website did the original data come from? Which cells are inputs and which are calculations? When was the data downloaded? Seemingly simple data workflows such as downloading a weekly Excel file from a government website and copy-pasting it into a table to be used in a presentation can become an audit nightmare. Shooju solves this by keeping all data flows in-tact through links. When a new hire takes over a spreadsheet, he can instantly see all data sources used, refresh times, source URLs, etc.

Data Platform for Everyone

Shooju boosts the data usage for everybody involved with the data flows. Explore how Shooju can add value

to you and your teams.

data scientists

Data Scientists

Your mandate is to manage your organization's analytical data, improve internal data flows, and build better data-driven applications - faster.



Your use of internal and external data is centered on making better decisions.



Your job is to identify the pains in data management and to leave a robust solution as your legacy for your customer.


Start Managing Your Data with Shooju

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