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For Data Scientists

Many technology departments lack the resources to develop and manage data automations, leaving business users to find their own band-aid fixes. Shooju provides a complete solution that integrates seamlessly into workflows and significantly speeds up application development and analysis generations.

Build better analytical applications, faster

Working with analysts to build visualization and modeling applications consumes vast IT and developer resources.
Sophisticated technology teams are used to relying on modern visualization, enterprise BI, and other frameworks to deliver results in weeks. However, relying on analyst teams' tangled analytical data to power critical applications turns weeks into years as developers and IT scramble to build data entry workflows, design Excel-based ETL processes, and resolve analyst naming conventions. Shooju allows developers to focus on developing applications instead of wrangling analyst data.

Manage your organization’s analytical data

Managing analytical data warehouse infrastructure and associated ETL and other processes is expensive and time-consuming.
Shooju makes data infrastructure management easy by deploying as a cluster on the cloud or in your data center. Shooju has no single point of failure and enables IT to support users through powerful permissioning and usage analytics tools.

Manage your organization’s analytical data

Data flows within analytical organizations are opaque, hard-to-learn, involve too many time-wasting steps, and nearly impossible to repair when key team members leave.
Shooju streamlines workflows in any analytical tool through native plugins. This eases the burden on IT of having to support proliferating analytical tools (R, Python, Tableau, etc) and makes data workflows more resilient and sustainable.

Data Platform for Everyone

Shooju boosts the data usage for everybody involved with the data flows. Explore how Shooju can add value

to you and your teams.



Your use of internal and external data is centered on making better decisions.



Your vision is that analytical data will give you an edge over your competitors, but you're not sure how.



Your job is to identify the pains in data management and to leave a robust solution as your legacy for your customer.


Start Managing Your Data with Shooju

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