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For Consultants

Many consulting companies lack the resources in-house to implement the right technology to fit each customer's needs. Despite having a holistic view of the pains and needed improvements, it sometimes makes the solutions proposed not implemented on-time, neither transforming all the good strategic ideas into practical bespoke technology. Shooju helps consultants implement those technologies, unique for each customer, in an agile manner.

Leave a robust legacy

Consultants are often managing old projects and having to re-do previous jobs because the technology implemented did not account for changes in the needs of the customers. In other words, many technologies are not dynamic enough to accommodate new scenarios. By having Shooju implement those technologies, delivered as a service, consultants can make sure all analysis and data management are up to date. It’s robustness and it makes all the difference in leaving the right legacy.

Implement a bespoke technology faster

Shooju is a technology listed in some of the more important consultant's portfolios. We deliver the solution to be implemented by the big firms at their customers - a lot quicker and more efficiently than solutions in-house. We have some important cases already implemented that proved the benefit. Therefore, consultants can make sure their solutions are implemented faster than implementing by themselves.

Focus on the strategy

By using a specialist in data like Shooju to develop bespoke technologies to tackle identified problems, consultants can use their time wisely to focus on the results, insights, and how the information generated can add value to the core business of their customers, instead of proving and managing the technology implementation.

Data Platform for Everyone

Shooju boosts the data usage for everybody involved with the data flows. Explore how Shooju can add value

to you and your teams.

data scientists

Data Scientists

Your mandate is to manage your organization's analytical data, improve internal data flows, and build better data-driven applications - faster.



Your use of internal and external data is centered on making better decisions.



Your vision is that analytical data will give you an edge over your competitors, but you're not sure how.


Start Managing Your Data with Shooju

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